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what we do

We generate ideas and create strategies that are impactful, engaging, and purposeful. We develop and implement multi-channel marketing plans based on solid research, experience and knowledge. We do this with simplicity and sustainability in mind.

We help businesses start conversations and build relationships with potential customers, tracking KPIs and optimizing along the way.

Generating enough content to remain competitive today is a monumental task for most companies. And, research shows that many small business owners are operating without a marketing plan.

Bright Lark can support your marketing efforts wherever and whenever you need us.

How can we help you?

Strategic Positioning

"I've been building my small business for a few years now and am at the point where I want to create greater momentum. I need help figuring out the best approach."

Digital Marketing Plan

"Our marketing activities are inconsistent and sporadic because we lack the time to put together a digital marketing plan that we could follow. Having a plan would not only save us time, but also help us generate more effective campaigns."

Social Media Management

"I want to reach a bigger audience on social media but I need help with creating content and maintaining consistent posting to my social media channels."

Digital Advertising Campaigns

"I want to generate leads but don't have the resources in-house to make it happen. I need some help to determine where I should advertise, how much I should spend, and what the ads will say."

Case Study Development

"We want to win more RFPs but don't have enough customer case studies to back up our claims. We need someone to interview our customers and to write and design case studies to help promote our company."

Customer Retention and Lead Nurturing

"I need a better way to consistently communicate with my customer base to build loyalty and help with retention. I'm also collecting leads on my website and want to set up automated emails to keep them interested until they're ready to make a purchase."

Website Content

"Our website isn't optimized and the messaging is outdated. We need someone to refresh the content because we don't have the time to do it ourselves. We want an outsider's perspective to make sure it has the right keywords, the right look, and the right tone of voice to attract new customers."

Custom Website Illustration

"I want my brand to stand out. I want to avoid using stock photography and I need a set of custom illustrations and graphics."

General Marketing

"I want to grow my business but I don't have enough marketing support internally. I just need help everywhere with everything."

we like

"I needed an email campaign, and I needed it fast. The Bright Lark team was reliable, thorough, and strategic, not to mention fun to work with."
- L. Lane Peine, Senior Director of Marketing

who we are

Bright Lark is a marketing and creative services company. We are senior-level creatives, researchers, project managers, and strategists with over 25 years of combined experience partnering with clients in many different industries including academia, healthcare, technology, entertainment, financial, lifestyle and fitness.

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"Marketing automation success begins and ends with content." Craig Klein



Sometimes magic is just someone spending more time on something than anyone else might reasonably expect.

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