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what we do

Success is no accident. It's the result of hard work, perseverance, learning along the way, and most of all, it's born from a love of what we do to help our clients get the results they need.

We generate ideas and create strategies that are impactful, engaging, and purposeful. We develop multi-channel marketing plans based on solid research, experience and knowledge. We do this with simplicity and sustainability in mind.

Marketing Automation Solutions

We can help you choose, set-up and use a marketing automation platform that suits your needs, allows you to be more efficient, increase revenue, and empower your team. We help you when your resources are limited because generating all that content can be a monumental task when it’s not your only one.

Content Development

We create content that educates, engages, and adds value, like social media posts, emails, landing pages, blogs, press releases, ads, videos, and print. We help businesses start conversations and build relationships with potential customers, tracking KPIs and optimizing along the way.

Graphic Design

We merge creativity with strategy to produce images, words, or graphics that become design elements of your brand’s story. We design with principle and purpose, using instinct and experience. We make our design philosophy a reality.

Web Design and Development

We focus on your visitors as we conduct research, provide information architecture, wire framing, visual design, content creation, and SEO-optimization to build a well-tested website to keep your business thriving online.

Photography and Video Production

We provide custom photography and produce video that helps support your message as part of your overall communication plan. We believe in the power of storytelling and in keeping it real because that’s what people connect with and want to share.

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"I needed an email campaign, and I needed it fast. The Bright Lark team was reliable, thorough, and strategic, not to mention fun to work with."
- L. Lane Peine, Senior Director of Marketing

who we are

Here's our backstory - we’ve lived in various places, appreciating the differences in the people and embracing their culture. Our life experience allows us to create through a wide-open lens.

We’ve held numerous jobs: as an actor, film editor, illustrator, photographer, event planner, commercial director, fitness instructor, marketing strategist, agency vice president, admissions director, graphic designer, creative director, project manager, presenter, scriptwriter, and entrepreneur.

No matter where your audience comes from, how they talk, what they do, why they make certain choices; when you’re ready to get their attention, our insights can help you make a connection with content that will resonate.

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We’ve had the privilege to work on some complex and challenging projects with these exceptional brands.

"Marketing automation success begins and ends with content." Craig Klein



Sometimes magic is just someone spending more time on something than anyone else might reasonably expect.

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